Exclusive Door gift - Affordable Price!! LIMITED OFFER!!

Exclusive Door gift - Affordable Price!! LIMITED OFFER!!
Click pic for details !! HURRY!! SELLING FAST!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

TQ Sticker, Plain Paper Bag & Mineral Water Label - Umi Nidal

Salam dearies...=)

Update next order ya..

Sis "Umi Nidal" order:
200pcs 2" Scallop TQ Sticker
100pcs Mineral Water Label 500ml (Label ONLY)
100pcs Plain Paper Bag with bottom (11"x6"x3.6")

Close up view..=)
200pcs DONE...=)

100pcs Plain White Craft Paper Bag...=)
Test print...hehee...=)
Close up view of Personalised Mineral Water Label..=)
100pcs DONE...=)

TQ dear Sis Herny for ur order...=)

Kindly drop ur email ya..ygempunyadiri@gmail.com for quotations!! 

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