Exclusive Door gift - Affordable Price!! LIMITED OFFER!!

Exclusive Door gift - Affordable Price!! LIMITED OFFER!!
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Saturday, 8 September 2012

TQ Sticker - Fadly & Ema

Salam dearies....=)

Waahhh...lame btoi xupdate nih...hehee...windu sudaaa nih....=p

Ok, ni update TQ Sticker dr Sis Nazimatul....theme, MERAH, KUNING & PUTIH!! Mengancam habes u olls...hahaaa...i loikkkeeee...=D

Order Sis Nazimatul:
1000pcs 2.25" Round shape TQ STicker

Enjoy the pics ya darls!! =)

Close view of the TQ Sticker..mengancam x darls...wowww!!!

1000pcs TQ Sticker ready to be delivered..Alhamdulillahh....=)

TQ dear Ema for ur order!  =)

Want it too darls...=)
Email us at ygempunyadiri@gmail.com for quotations ya!!

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