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Exclusive Door gift - Affordable Price!! LIMITED OFFER!!
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Friday, 10 August 2012

Al-Ma'thurat with Organza Pouch - Sis Syaherah

Salam dearies....=)

UPDATE! UPDATE! ni antara update2 terakhir before raye yer...hehee...

Order Sis Syaherah:
100pcs Personalised Al-Ma'thurat A6
with Organza Pouch & 2" Scallop Round shape TQ Tag
Theme: Off White & Very Light Pink

Sis Syaherah punye theme is FULL OFF WHITE...tp bagi mengelakkan outcome yg dull..she decided utk put some very light pink dalam design tu...organza tu sis nk off white/white...niceee kna..very the SUCI..hehee....i loikkeee...=)

Here some photo of them ya..ENJOY darls....

 100pcs 2" Scallop Round shape TQ Tag

 Close view of Personalised Yasin b4 before dideco

 Yeyy!! Da siap deco..=)

 Close view of the item...=)

100pcs Personlaised Yasin in organza pouch & TQ Tag ready to be posted...=)

TQ dear Sis Syaherah for ur order...have a blessed wedding ya!! =)

Love it too lovelies..?
Email me at ygempunyadiri@gmail.com for quotations ya!!



  1. salam..

    boleh x tlg bg quotation kat i utk "Majlis Aqiqah & Cukur Jambul" utk baby girl kami ikut design nie for:

    1. personalized yassin x 50 pcs
    2. personalized mineral water label (bomb)x 50 pcs
    3. 100pcs 2" Scallop Round shape TQ Tag

    tlg email kat i ehh : noormi.edlina@gmail.com

    TQ ^^,

  2. Salam dear Edlina majid...email done ya..kindly check inbox k..TQ..=)

  3. emailkn pd sy price klau nk wat cmni... kuantiti 100pcs
    email : titanizat@gmail.com


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