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Exclusive Door gift - Affordable Price!! LIMITED OFFER!!
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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

TQ Sticker & Brown Paper Bag - Sis Sumayyah

Salam semuaa....=)

Harap sume sihat2 belake yer dearies...=)

Ni i update tempahan sis Sumayyah utk hari bahagia beliau dgn En Hafiz ni haa..hehee....sis nk design simple but cute miut nih...=)

Order sis Sumayyah:
1000pcs 1.75" Round shape TQ Sticker
Theme: Pink & Purple
900pcs Brown Craft paper bag
(sis ni nak lekatkan sendiri..hehee..)

TQ dear for the opportunities ya! =)

Alamak, paper bag lupe plak nk snap...dlm bundle gitu..ampunnn ya...hehee...=)

Do email us at ygempunyadiri@gmail.com OR SMS to 0177099110 for quotations ya! 

TQVM dearies...^_^

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