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Exclusive Door gift - Affordable Price!! LIMITED OFFER!!
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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Personalised Yasin & Matcing TQ Sticker - Sis Saizatul

Salam darlss....=)

Happy Tuesday yaa....=)

Update order sis Saizatul....sis ni order 80pcs personalised yasin A6..theme kaler biru & putih...santeqqq..ngee...=)

TQ Sticker xdilupakan, xlengkap woo xde sticker utk lekat kat doorgift kan dear kan, kan..hehee...ok2, tamo ckp byk2, lets enjoy the pics ya..=)

Order Sis Saizatul
80pcs Personalised Yasin saiz A6
150pcs 2.25" Round shape TQ Sticker

Pics WITH flash

Pics WITHOUT flash


Email us for quotations ok dearies...^_^

Thx for viewing ya!!

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