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Exclusive Door gift - Affordable Price!! LIMITED OFFER!!
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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Heart Shape TQ Tag - Aini Hayati

Salam semua..=)

Update order dr sis Ain utk hari bahagia beliau bersama insan tersyg, Pian pd 26 Mei 2012 akan datang...Tema biru & purple..niceee....=)

1000pcs 1.25" heart shape TQ Tag
Theme: Biru & Purple

Sis Ain mintak punchkan di bahagian tas sebelah kiri yer..& tadaaa...inilah hasilnye...=)

p/s: Owhh yer, my heart shape die cutter da bengong..hukhukk...so, ini mgkin second last order utk heart shape tag yer dearies..nape 2nd last..? sbb ade satu lg utk Julai nih..hukhukkk..=(

Tq dear for the opportunity ya..=)

Email me at ygempunyadiri@gmail.com @
fill up enquiry/order form & we will get back to u asap, insyaAllah...^_^

Thx for viewing ya!

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